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Westport Hotel  


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27/11/2018 9:26 pm  

We came here in 2016 with a 1 year old and 3 year old .

We took advantage of their weekend package as the toy show was on the Friday night and we booked the Santa visit for the Saturday.

The hotel is beautiful and the staff are very helpful.

The Santa visit itself was very disorganised. 

We all gathered at reception waiting for Santas arrival. A few minutes before he arrived elves appeared and started singing and fake snow started outside the doors so all the children went outside to welcome Santa but the elves called them back in, I was glad I did not go back in as santa arrived and shook all kids hands.

Then we all got a raffle ticket number for our space to visit santa. 

Now the experience was advertised as no queuing, children's disco and party games. 

They had a room designated for the families but they had the music playing in the lounge where regular guests were enjoying their meals  so nobody thought to go in their for the "disco"  

The games weren't very good and no interaction with the elves.

Then when number called we joined a line and had to queue for about 40 minutes which is hard to keep 2 smallies from staying in. 

Now Santa himself was amazing!!! I could easily see why we had to queue so long as he took great interest in every child  

Hopefully the experience has gotten better as the hotel and Santa deserve it to improve and it could be a fantastic experience.