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27/11/2018 8:44 pm  

I visited Luggwoods last Christmas (2017) with my then 2 & 4 year old after reading of how amazing the Santa was with the children  


The lead up to the visit to Santa was great.  The route the bus takes gives amazing views of Dublin especially at night with all the lights twinkling  

The staff work really hard and my 4 year old loved the interaction especially seeing the Grinch. 

When you arrive at the Santa area you get to talk to Mrs Claus then pet real reindeers (super soft) moving into a room with a sleigh that you can have pictures taken on. 

We had when booking online given details of our children and things of special interest for Santa to mention  

We waited our turn and were called to see Santa and I was actually disappointed in the meet as he didn't seem to really have time for the kids, nothing personal mentioned about them and the gift my daughter got was for an older age but she had ripped it open and had a small craft box so I didn't feel right bringing it back but any other girl around my daughters age had beautiful big fairy wings which would have been much more suitable. 

While waiting on photos and return bus they had rides for kids to go on but I felt these were over priced especially after paying so much for visit  

I think I would visit again if I got a special offer and I would not have Santa as built up so maybe I wouldn't have been as disappointed

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18/12/2018 6:49 pm  

Would agree.  Also went to luggwoods in 2016. Very poor experience this year. Santa didn't say anything personal to the children. My boy was given a little girls diary from euro store.  Also my 6 year old was left asking questions as kids had to repeatedly sing songs as santa wasn't ready.  Bought drinks for the kids.  Stone cold hot chocolate.  Very dissatisfied.  Also tickets expensive for level of service and lack of detail.